Klinger Westad strive to offer excellent service on their products for Ship-Owners, Ship Managers, Operators and/or Oil companies. Our service continues after the delivery of the vessel, plant or unit from the building yard and to the very end of its operational life up to 40 years later. Klinger Westad has strong focus towards aftermarket clients and operates on a 24/7/365 basis, with minimum mobilization time for both Spares and Services. Klinger Westad keeps an extensive database on valves delivered, and even though operating clients may have changed and documentation are lost, Klinger Westad take pride in helping out. Old documentation/drawings and spares are normally just a phone call away at Westad.


Westad butterfly valves have been designed and manufactured with the toughest operational conditions in mind. With temperatures ranging from minus 196 deg. Celsius to plus 50 deg. Celsius only the very best materials and design will survive client’s stringent operational requirements.


Even though the Westad valves are designed for minimum maintenance, Klinger Westad recommend to include regular inspections and renewal of “wear & tear” parts into clients Planned Maintenance System (PMS). Klinger Westad can assist clients i.o. to secure time efficient and correct services by use of well-trained service personnel, which gives a guaranty on both job and spare -parts delivered. Unnecessary to say, Klinger Westad only uses OEM parts for their services, which safeguard trouble free operation for their clients between defined PMS intervals (DD intervals).
For some Owners/Operators (LNG) services can only be done during docking/shutdown/repair periods, and Service Engineers from Klinger Westad are attending LNG-vessels all around the world and in any dry-dock/repair facility, as well as sailing with the vessel if necessary. With Klinger Westad Service Engineer to do the job, clients can rely on a correct result and minimum time spent on the job; important factors for both Owners and Operators.


These valves in particular requires trained and skilled personnel to secure its performance. Only Westad Service Engineers are authorized to perform services and maintenance on Westad Cryogenic butterfly valves. For many of the major LNG operators Klinger Westad has developed close relationships with Clients through Service Agreements. This to maximize the output of relationship and minimize cost to their clients.